A/ For contact me to bug report, please :

1/ post me a message to (strongly recommended)

CondorSim French Community (You need to login to this forum)
I prefer this because we will be more to help you with your problem.

2/ send at (not recommended)

3/ In all cases

Provide at least the following information:
- Your path to your Condor directory.
- Your path to your CondorNav directory.
- Your UDP.ini file in the Condor directory.
- Your condornav.ini file in the CondorNav directory.
- Screenshot of your VPSE configuration
- Screenshot of your "NMEA Output" in the Condor configuration options.

You must also verify that Condor is installed in a directory with no spaces or special characters. Same thing for CondorNav. If this is not the case, install Condor again.
I advocate the following file tree:


B/ For new translation language

send me at

(Indicate me your competition number if you are registered on the site http://www.condor-club.eu/)