Dear CondorNav users,
I made the decision to give my baby under GPL License to the developers of the CondorSim community.

At first, to Philoo, developer and creator of and Dgtfer our technical boss for everything related to computational algorithms.

For a long period, I will not have anymore opportunity to work on CondorNav. It's now time to hand this project to the Condorsim community and its developers.

I thought Condor's PDA 1 was much too small; and CondorNav was for me a real chalenge in terms of programming technique.

A successfull Chalenge for now, with several tens of regular users.

I wish the Condorsim community and its developers good luck for the long working hours awaiting them for this program development, to make it more powerful and rich of features.

Friendly to all,


-- May 2017

Condor GP 2017 - Qualification Races

The Last Condor1 Great Competition?
After 12 years of competitions with Condor V1, this is probably one of the last great competition. We hope that the next one will be on Condor2!
This competition is composed of 2 different parts: 14 qualification races (plus one training day), and a Final Race, where the 32 qualified pilots will try to be the Condor GP Champion

Condor GP 2017 - Qualification Races

More details (fr) to

CondorNav, for Condor Soaring Simulator

Navigation Support Software

CondorNav is primarily a tool to help you to plan your flight by consideration of possible paths.
For this, you can set accurate altitude markers by simple mouse clicks, in passes for example.
I Hope this program will be helpful, especially for beginners in on-line flights, who want to prepare their races in an efficient and playful way.

Download CondorNav Free version

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(Files language updated, fr, en, hu, de. You must update the language files *.lang)

Special thanks for language translations :
English (by Michel Dgtfer [DGT])
German (by Stefan Beach [SCR])
Hungary (by Norbert Kiss [CN])

Special thanks for technical informations and On-board computer to Michel Dgtfer [DGT]

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Download CondorNav Manual

Download CondorNav Manual (fr) | Source file for translation : Download CondorNav Manual Source (fr) (Free Office Suite Software)